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The site for production and other departments of the company have been moved from Rodgau to Aschaffenburg. Please despatch all repairs and other goods to the following address:

Esters Elektronik GmbH
Görresstrasse 17
D-63739 Aschaffenburg

Gas Flowmeter GD 300 Ex/GD 500 Ex with integrated calculator HB 300
The new generation of the Gas Flometer GD 300 Ex/GD 500 Ex has the calculator HB 300 integrated in the measurement head. The integrated calculator HB 300 is equipped with a mA output (optional normalization) or pulse signal.

current interface:  (0)4 - 20 mA = 0 - x Nm³/h , status output for sensor break detection: 24 V, DC
(pollution monitoring with redundant platinum wire sensor)
standard: DIN 1343, DIN 6358, DIN ISO 2533, DIN 102/ISO 1-1975
fixed value temperature: -50°C to 200°C
fixed value absolute pressure: -0,8 bar to 100 bar
pulse output:  pulse 24 V, DC, 1 pulse=0.01, 0. 1, 1, 10 or 100 m³
GD 300 Ex

ATEX approval ExII 1 / 2 G Ex ia / e mb IIC T4 Ga / Gb for Fluidistor Gas Flowmeter GD 300 Ex/GD 500 Ex.

Download EC type examination certificate >>more

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24.02.2016 Download of instruction manuals for various devices included >>more
24.11.2015 Datasheet incremental buffer stage TR 1703 (successor of TR 1702) >>more
24.07.2015 E3DM latest version (version v0.5.34) >>more
09.03.2015 E3DM latest version (version v0.5.29)
07.07.2014 E3DM latest version (version v0.5.10)
23.04.2014 E3DM latest version (version v0.5.7)
04.03.2014 E3DM latest version (version v0.5.5)
10.02.2014 E3DM latest version (version v0.5.4)
06.12.2013 E3DM latest version (version v0.5.1)
08.11.2013 Datasheet Stationary Gas Analysis System Goliath
for for bio methane, landfill gas, sewage gas , mine gas and biogas>>more
08.11.2013 Certificate ISO 9001:2008 >>more

From the 30.09. bis 01.10.2014 you can meet our team and products at the gat 2014 in Karlsruhe (Germany). >> more

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