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Gas Flowmeter GD 300 Ex/GD 500 Ex
with intermediate flange / wafer / sandwich
  • uniform installation length 65 mm
  • DN 25 to DN 250
  • easy replacement of existing flow meters
  • simple and space-saving installation regardless of the installed flange type (ISO or ASME flange)
  • shortened inlet section 2.5 x DN
For further informationen see datasheet or visit  
Flow Computer GDR 1501
The flow computer of the GDR 1501 series are used to calculate the current gas quantity. The actual amount of gas can be displayed in cubic meters or liters on an hourly or minute basis.
  • Input for direct connection of the GD 300 as well as input for connecting the GD 300 (Ex) using HB 300 (Ex), UNI-100 and SC 300
  • Input for Open-Collector, Reed-Relais to connect third party products
  • Multilingual menu (german, english, french, italien, bulgarian, polish, more in progress)
  • Capacitive and wear-free touch keypad
  • EEasy and fast cable connection thanks to tool-free push-in connections
  • Full device configuration via touch keypad, no additional software required
  • NStandardization according to DIN 1343, DIN 6358, DIN ISO 2533, DIN 102/ISO 1-1975
  • Optional Datatransfer via PROFIBUS DP, Profinet, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP
For further informationen see Datasheet  

Gas Flowmeter GD 300 Ex/GD 500 Ex with integrated calculator HB 300
The new generation of the Gas Flometer GD 300 Ex/GD 500 Ex has the calculator HB 300 integrated in the measurement head. The integrated calculator HB 300 is equipped with a mA output (optional normalization) or pulse signal.

current interface:  (0)4 - 20 mA = 0 - x Nm³/h , status output for sensor break detection: 24 V, DC
(pollution monitoring with redundant platinum wire sensor)
standard: DIN 1343, DIN 6358, DIN ISO 2533, DIN 102/ISO 1-1975
fixed value temperature: -50°C to 200°C
fixed value absolute pressure: -0,8 bar to 100 bar
pulse output:  pulse 24 V, DC, 1 pulse=0.01, 0. 1, 1, 10 or 100 m³
  Further information see datasheet.>>more
GD 300 Ex


ATEX approval ExII 1 / 2 G Ex ia / e mb IIC T4 Ga / Gb for Fluidistor Gas Flowmeter GD 300 Ex/GD 500 Ex.

Download EC type examination certificate >>more


Frequency Transducer FMP 1834 NEU!
The new 2-Channel Frequency Transducer FMP 1834 with recognition of direction of rotation and limit value monitoring is the successor of the device FMP 1814.

Further information see datasheet. >>more


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